Why Visual Energy?

I can’t say exactly what came to me when the name popped out of my mind. I have not said yet that I am practicioner and instructor of TaiChi Chuan and Pakua here in Miami, and I have been training in this disciplines for over 10 years.

These practices are backed up by a steady flow of information which dates from centuries and probably milleniums back in time, and the main aim of them is to learn to control your own energy, learn to focus, store and use it properly, for health and mental enhancements. Most of the processes behind this philosophies involve, just like in Yoga and Deep Meditation, to learn to control and eventually stop the internal dialogue, that never-ending voice in our minds, and when we learn to stop it, even for only brief moments, the most remarkable experiences can happen.

One thing is to read and to hear this over and over and some more relevant thing is to hear a scientist say the same thing, but through a medical experience that she was able to monitor: a stroke.

I don’t have much to say except to invite you to view this amazing video recorded on the latest Ted Conference, as a relevant realizations about the brain works and the amazing things behind the shut down of the internal dialogue.

Please enjoy Neuro Scientist Jill Bolte Taylor explain how our brain works:


Even though this amazing video appeared online a few days ago, my idea of Visual Energy was in my mind before this, so now I just feel I was on the right track regarding what I intend to experiment in this blog , linking the energy of the mind and body with the visual process to produce images.


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