A Brief History of my Visual Brain, revisited time and again.

I have to begin saying that I turned into a photographer after trip I did to Europe, back in the 80’s. While entering , as a normal tourist, to the main Plaza in Florence, I had what I now can call my first visual orgasm. Something flooded my mind with euphoria while being surrounded by such beauty, the sculptures, the walls, the gardens, the details on every corner, just everything my eyes used to know changed that day, and it changed me for ever. Only on a few occasions have I been exposed again to that amazing feeling again, and, just like in Italy, I have not been carrying a camera, so I have just enjoyed the visual orgasm. Now it would be SO GREAT to recover such feeling and be able to capture it in a shot!!..

Basically, the freedom I am regaining for street shooting and other situations, thanks to the small format, Canon G9 Camera, is bringing things back to me, things I have forgotten about myself, as digital professional cameras become bigger, more expensive and don’t get out of their suitcases unless there is going to be money involved( a job) and then the candid shooter, and the things I have initially liked from photography remain held in the back of my brain, forgotten.

Nice change this camera has brought me, I can not only shoot with total freedom, but I also have the big files and the necessary power to Post-process them into full sized.High Quality, noise- controlled images, available for many publishing options well beyond just shooting them.

This is a fine combo indeed!! I will be posting both images and slide shows related to these matters. Just as I do with my Fine Art images on display at exhibits, I never put names to images, so I don’t induce a bias on the viewer, or lead them nowhere, just an open visual fact.

This lists in the coming posts, published in segments, is an attempt to put into words the elements that I feel are involved in this visual orgasm process I am talking about, which now I can more easily understand in terms of visual energy.

Please read on


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