The Power of Light as Visual Energy

I was a little boy when I got a gold ring as a gift. It was just one of those birthday gifts issued by some weird uncle, like everyone has in the family.
This was to me an uneventful thing, until one morning, I woke up to the sun rays entering my oversized window in my home in Caracas, and I found out how amazingly the light shone on the ring. From that morning on, I stared at the reflections hitting my eyes for long time, as it was not strong enough to blind me. I got empowered by light, since every time I looked to the reflections of light hitting my eyes, I would energize myself with some sort of euphoria I rarely get these days from average daily events.

The power of this light was so amazing that, when playing team games with my cousins and neighbors, I would be able to empower all of my team with strength, endurance and a willingness to win, just by having them look at the ring and the reflected light and this would be more than enough to feel like super kids.
I grew up and the ring did not fit anymore in my fingers, so the matter was stored in my memory, just as the ring was stored in a drawer.
I needed to go to CHina, in a recent trip there, specifically to one of the 4 sacred Buddist mountains, Mt.Putio, and receive there a beautiful gift from our hosts there, an image of of Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, to entirely, and in a split second, refresh my memory and bring out all those powerful moments created in my childhood by just playing with light.

I can’t tell if this was an early approach to photography, but here I am, working, living, breathing and enjoying photography at every step of the way, and I am so surprised that it was a buddist icon what brought that out from my oldest memories.

I am still impressed with the energy , magnetism and passion I saw about buddism in China, and somehow I returned from that trip with lots of new questions about life and ways to live it.

Here is the image that brought back to me the Power of Light.

No wonder I strongly felt this Blog had to be called ” Pure Visual Energy”. It’s what drives me.

My salute to you, Guan Yin!!


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