The Hollywood Clock System seminar, sponsored by Calumet in San Francisco, has just begun to rolll

After the very first official presentation, and with an attendance of 82 photographers, in the amazing city of San Francisco, and sponsored locally by Calumet, I am getting ready to take The Clock System to the next level.

Stay tuned for new events, seminars, hands-on workshops, in different cities , as word of mouth opens up the doors to this unusual seminar.

After the event, I spent all of friday moving around the city, enjoying what many locals would call “the most unusual day in San Fran of the last 30 years”, with a high surf that was splashing all the shoreline. Water levels were reported as the highest in decades, and BTW we were close to the longest day of the year, on saturday the 20th. The light was just fantastic!!

San Fran Photographer Edward Woods took this photo of myself at the base of the Golden Gates, trying to capture the explosive waters. Thanks buddy!!




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