PhotoShooting in Caracas

While I was shooting on assignment for Hunter Douglas in Venezuela, my friend, Andres Alibrandi, amazing Architect and Interior Designer, asked me to shoot an image for a Lounge Music CD he wants to give out as a corporate gift in December to all of his clients.

We came out with a production in a magical afternoon, where we had the majestic Avila Mountain totally cleared out of clouds, something unusual in the summer days in Caracas.

Our fine model, is also the owner of the house where we shot. All props featured come from the Arquetipo Store, owned by Andres. Styling was provided by Argentina Scolieri, one of the very first international models ever coming out of Venezuela, back in the 80’s, now retired, but still active in many fields. I shot her in her golden years too, kind of we grew up together.

Furniture styling was done by both Andres and Arturo, his assistant. I was assisted by my friend and fantastic producer Hector Trejo and Arturo himself.

I may be traveling back to Venezuela, this time jumping to one of the most fantastic islands of the Caribbean, Los Roques, to shoot models and actresses for a fashion /swimwear/lingerie book.



3 thoughts on “PhotoShooting in Caracas

  1. Martin, Argentina was actually helping me with the styling for that shooting, but she totally refused to be photographed at that time. Her help was invaluable and we have quite a great time doing it for the PR campaign of architect and interior designer Andres Alibrandi, who used images from this shooting for his Lounge CD last December.


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