The Waiting: Helping the Miami Kid’s community

I have been shooting portraits of kids waiting for adoption for the last 3 years.

It is a striking experience, what you see in their eyes, despair, solitude, so much sadness, hope. The government, both state and federal systems do not give to much relevance to images of those kids because their pictures are old polaroids or instant passport photos , shot by secretaries or any other local office staff, shot at office spaces, no lighting ,etc, attached to their files, and in many cases you may think you are watching a criminal’s file record, rather than a desperate, lonely kid looking for help, only because of the crappy photo.

This is when good, honest portraits take precedence. This when Fotomission kicks in.

This time around, I had to work with teenagers, which are more difficult to deal with, but eventually I was able to get their fine inner side. They actually helped me assisting others when being photographed and I left the park where I shot them with a feeling or certainty and hope that these images will somehow help them through in the near future.

The prints will be on exhibit, along with many others from other shooters, at the Miami Children Museum in November. On previous events, many kids who were showcased on exhibit got adopted right away, and this is a memorable moment to keep and a reminder of the power of Pure Visual Energy.



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