Creativity or Recession: Are Creative Cooperative Alliances part of the Solution in 2010? Part 2 of 2.

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Part 2:



3 thoughts on “Creativity or Recession: Are Creative Cooperative Alliances part of the Solution in 2010? Part 2 of 2.

  1. Hi Jorge,

    You have written a very interesting article, because 21 weeks ago we started a Creative Cooperative Alliance. We called it Light-Study. Photographers, photo assistants, digital techs, models, makeup artist, prop and wardrobe stylist, set designers and builders, have all come together in one group to work together on what we call “WOW images projects” for our portfolios. As of now we have 140 members.

    We have started by training advanced emerging professional photographers to become real knowledgeable, competent, creative and ethical pros, not the hacks we have running around today claiming to be pro photographers. We have had 20 classes and a number of class shoots already. We meet once a week for classes and have other pre-production meetings.

    We are teaching our members how to find jobs and how to correctly price them. We are proud to say our members are finding jobs to shoot and are being praised by others in the industry for their extraordinary knowledge and professionalism on the job.

    We are also doing the community service part. We did portraits with makeup for the holidays for 13 single women families and 30 men at the Rescue Mission in Miami. Walgreens and Adorama provided the free prints. We have other community projects in the works.

    We will be moving into a new photo studio in February and joining the Wynwood Art Community. We now have 4 local commercial sponsors. Our group is moving ahead quite rapidly. Any professional and creatives in the industry are welcome to join us or become a sponsor. Our website is


    Eugene Breaux, Light-Study Instructor.

  2. Dear Nischal, you can see more details in the Blog called CreativeBrainstorming Hub, in this link

    Eugene, would you please send mean email address or cell phone where I can contact you to further discuss all of this? Seems like we are on teh same train of thoughts here!.

    Apologies to both for replying late, but I was traveling out of Miami and have just returned.

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