2 Hours in Mexico City

While on assignment last week, I had the chance to take a look at the surreal world of Mexico DF, or downtown Mexico, briefly.
The blend of religion icons, specially  “La Santa Muerte” (The Saint Death), patron of killers ,robbers and thieves, hand-operated print ” companies” that offer you any kind of fake document, including mexican passports, certificates of death, University Diplomas,etc , the ultra famous “free fighters”, and other things that popped in front of me, only helped me get more confused about what Mexico is today.

Meantime, taking a look at the Mayan ruins and all historical material gathered at the Antropological Museum, made me realize I was standing in front of the most amazing culture humanity has created, and will make me pursue a large road  travel into those regions.

I certainly want to go back to that strange land!


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