Venezuelan Actor Edgar Ramirez hits the big screen in Europe

Photos © Jorge Parra. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 

It is great to hear great news about hard working venezuelan talent like movie star  Edgar Ramirez.

After playing as executioner to Matt Damon in “The Bourne Ultimatum”, he has finished filming as Carlos “El Chacal” fictionalized version of the former terrorist’s life, now imprisoned for life.
Written and Directed by french Director Olivier Assayas, the 5 hour film, shot in 8 different countries, and Edgar’s performance have been nominated to the “Cesar Awards”, the French equivalent to the american Oscars.
American film critic  Todd McCarthy  made the remarkable comparison of Edgar’s performance as Carlos to Marlon Brandon’s Godfather. This is no small feat!

Edgar has also been appointed United Nation’s Good Will Delegate for the Childhood Fund (UNICEF). His former education in diplomatic law and his full knowledge of 5 languages make him ideal for the role.

I had the  chance to photograph Edgar for The Urban Bikini Project, playing the role of a Pimp, running an auction to sell no other than latinamerican super-bombshell Chiqui Delgado, some time ago.

It’s so easy to shoot with actors and actresses!! I guess photographers shooting with talent become some kind of directors too, when setting up conceptual fashion photography, where great results will largely depend on the acting.

Best of luck to you Edgar!! Keep up the hard work!!




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