Thanksgiving and it’s real meaning: It is NOT just Black Friday shopping!

Hi everyone!

I just got my citizen status just very recently. During the preparation process for the citizenship exam, I had to learn basics of US history, but I got so fascinated by so many different events and personalities involved in the creation of this amazing country, that I went really deeper into learning more about the founding fathers, the wars, the celebrations and the people.

This is how I found this amazing painting by french painter Jean Louis Gerome Ferris,  (1863-1920), who happened to be in and around many of the events related to the creation of this great nation.

Among the many paintings that grabbed my attention, nothing stunned me more than the depiction of the First Thanksgiving party ever celebrated in the US, in 1621, between the very first pilgrims and the native indians, (who actually introduced the Cranberries, native american fruit,  to the pilgrims).

This painting evokes in me the basis on which all relationships must be built, trust, joy in sharing and above all, tolerance to understand others and live in acceptance and harmony.

These basic attitudes must remain in time for any group, company or nation to survive in a healthy, productive and beneficial  manner.

I have already seen what happens  when these values are removed from our everyday behavior, that is EXACTLY why I knew I had to emigrate, abandon my country of origin, and not look back.

Now that I am in the US, and came to stay, I have this brief message to everyone:

May the first Thanksgiving party ever celebrated in the US reminds us FOR REAL to share with joy and remove the intolerance towards others.

Nothing good is born out of intolerance, selfishness and greed.



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