Every once in a while, I feel everyone has to stop the rush, take a couple of deep breaths, and dedicate some time to oneself, look back, and enjoy the road already traversed, and this is even more satisfying when you receive spontaneous comments from creative people in teams you have set up for specific projects.

In this regard, a testimonial can do a lot to see how are you perceived by others, and I can’t thank stylist  Nikki Peglow enough, for her kind words, after shooting a project in which she was given creative freedom like she has not had before.

May her words speak by themselves:


Awesome! Congrats on your success. I enjoyed very much reading your interview and looking at your images.  You are truly an inspiration to me, as one of the first “real” photo shoots I participated in when I arrived in Miami a couple of years ago, fresh out of Art and Design College and hair and makeup school. 

I had no idea you were such an accomplished photographer at that time or else I would have been even more extremely nervous!! 

I remember the kindness and graciousness you treated me with, no ego or attitude, and you let everyone have equal creative input. This was especially exciting to me at that point in my career, when I was just used to following orders. 

How ecstatic I was when I had the opportunity to style the models hair with the leaves at my own creative will, after completing the makeup!!

 Also, my first shoot doing “natural” beauty makeup, which is by far harder than an elaborate makeup! It inspired me on a continuing quest to master the technique of minimalist makeup in the glamorous over the top sea of Miami Beach. It is truly far greater of a challenge to develop a slight hand.  

Please send the photos I participated in as makeup/hair which are featured in your Fine Art Showcase Gallery 1 (Flower Beauty). I would like to include the images in my makeup portfolio as I am creating a new website.  

Thank you!   xoxox, Nicole “Nikki” Peglow makeup/hair/art/design
NOTE: some of the images of this project are available on my Fine Art Photography website:


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