After having worked with Bravo Miami Ad Agency, the Young & Rubicam office for the hispanic market, in a campaign for the Winn Dixie brand, I was asked if I could work with them on a rush job to photograph the entire team of Creatives, Vice-Presidents and CEO of the agency, for their new website.

So, in brief, it was a  rush corporate portrait assignment, you know, one of those shootings where a simple portrait of each executive is required for corporate identity purposes. 

Fortunately, one of the Creatives of the group, Noel, was assigned in charge of the project, and when we discussed it, he told me he was expecting not only the “homework” shooting, the standard portrait image, but he wanted to further explore the personality of each of his team mates. 

When he mentioned this concept, I quickly suggested that each person be advised to bring a very personal prop, some dear personal belonging, be it a toy, a tool, a memorabilia, a doll, in short, whatever personal item(s) that truly relates to each one of them.

The standard portraits were done, and immediately we “switched” into non-standard portrait format, and that was then the fun began!
©Jorge Parra
We had both unusual and familiar items, but it all helped bringing  a true personal touch to those portraits.

It was a great opportunity for Advertising Professionals to momentarily become subjects in front of the camera. 

This usually never happens, as their natural role is meant to be right behind the cameras, either working along with photographers and directors on the production of the campaigns they handle, or running the executive decision processes happening behind the scenes.
© Jorge Parra
This rather unexpected images, will publish later on, in different company communications.

The standard portraits can be seen on their new website.


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