Providing Visual Support for our Returning Troops

There are many ways to provide some simple help, assistance or support to our soldiers when they return from war duty, and it can be just the moment they may need it more!

As provider of visual services to the commercial / advertising community, Jorge Parra Photography is  more than happy to offer a substancial discount (75% to 90%) to military individuals and their family groups, who may want to have a simple series of portraits taken in their own homes, after the returning soldiers have settled.

Our previous experience  of many years doing portrait shootings for kids waiting for adoption ( The Heart Gallery and The Waiting Projects), people waiting for organ transplants (Univ. of Miami Organ Donor Program) , women with breast cancer (  American Breast Cancer Foundation) or the portraits of kids with terminal illnesses( Flashes of Hope), have proven us time and again  the positive and powerful impact a good portrait can have on an individual and his/her  family / group, and this is the modest offer we can do, within our actual capabilities, to try to provide some comfort to our returning heroes.

So please, make contact with Jorge Parra, using the standard channels (listed below), and let’s plan for a few hours of family fun and some cool portraits!!.

Spread the word and help out with this initiative. Our soldiers very well deserve this, and more!!

This is NOT a Veteran’s Day special or anything like that. This is our year-long commitment to support our troops!


Jorge Parra Photography   |    7 8 6 . 2 2 2 . 9 4 0 5   




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