Conversations with Jorge Parra. Part 1: Beauty Photography

Photo by ©Jorge Parra /
Photo by ©Jorge Parra /

After my number one passion and obsession, which is Photography and Imaging in general, I love talking!

I always recall a phrase from one of the most creative and prolific writers from the 19th century, super well known poet Novalis, (check his amazing “Hymns to the Night”) repeating over and over something like: “The very best of my creations comes from conversation” and that is something I totally agree on!!

To this end, and even though the video monologue format is not totally open, I decided to record myself and talk about the diverse aspects of my work as Photographer and Director , so this brief piece about Beauty Photography,

is just the start of a series of Conversations, as to give you some pointers about myself and why I love what I love, what drives me and tickles me, and you can get to know more about me, let’s say, in a more personal, conversational way.

I hope you liked these brief clip, and if you really enjoyed it, and would still like to hear more, feel free to quickly jump to my “Conversations” link,  where you will find brief clips to my talks on Fashion Photography, Advertising/Commercial Photography, Fine Art Photography and Portrait Photography, and ideally, contact me, so we can start an IRL (in real life) dialogue.

Of course, you can quickly jump to the  photographic and motion portfolios, if you want to check my work in more detail.


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