About the Visual Hub Portal


photo © Jorge Parra
photo © Jorge Parra

The Visual Hub is just a conglomerate of images. thoughts and projects by photographer Jorge Parra.

I can only feel lucky  that, throughout my work and life, I have been meeting different creative people in several fields of visual expression, who have challenged me to get outside of my line of comfort, and encouraged me to photograph several projects in fields where my expertise was limited at the time. This includes not only personal/artistic work, It also has happened, and many times over, with commercial work.  I eventually understood that I was being expected to provide my vision for those projects.

Creative Directors in advertising agencies, magazine and book publishers, and direct clients, who know my strong work roams around people,  fashion, beauty and the body, have chosen to hire me to shoot  projects in architectural photography  interior design photography, travel, leisure and luxury, food photography, still life and even corporate work.

This has generated many different and interesting images in many fields, and I have learnt so much about things I never planned on learning and doing. Now, when facing one specific type of work, my Visual Hub, this legacy of visual experience coming from so many fields, helps me sort out many different situations, and resolve several problems, thanks to the accumulated experience in many fields, and it works for both my personal work and my commercial work.

“Vision is what glues all of my work together. Most Commercial/Advertising photographers tend to specialize in and, get recognition for, their expertise in one visual specialty, while others, like myself, enjoy the challenge of working across a host of seemingly unrelated fields. Adaptability and versatility have defined my personal approach to photography since early on – both with stills and motion. I like to keep my portfolio as diverse as possible and clearly convey the message that I can tackle many types of assignments. From Editorial, Advertising,  to Architecture/Interior Design, Portrait, Travel and Leisure, and Fashion/Beauty photography, I specialize in creating compelling visual images that range from the seemingly fancy and mundane to the conceptual and abstract.”

So I hope you enjoy  the discussions and images I will be showing in this PhotoBlog.

Jorge Parra



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